The Food of the Gods (continued . . .)

Janno dived headlong for the undergrowth, with projectiles slashing past him like meteorites. He lay still, while his merciless pursuers searched the forest all round him. No sign of him. He's escaped us. What does it matter ? He's a nobody. The self-appointed leader of the super-creatures produced a handful of the deadly fruit. We will continue with our plans of conquest. But first . . . we will feast again off the food of the gods. Janno stayed hidden till nightfall. He then set off for Trigan City, reaching there at daybreak. I'll report to my uncle at once. Those boys are a real danger and must be stopped immediately. But . . . Look ! It's Janno ! Cut him down ! Only Janno's quick wits and lightning physical reactions saved him. By all the stars !
Why are my own people shooting at me on sight ? He soon learned the answer . . . Did we get him ? I hope so ! We'll be commended by the Emperor for wiping out the traitor who attacked the air base. I've been declared a traitor ! Following the mysterious attack upon the air base, the Trigan armoured corps were put on the alert. None of the soldiers took any notice of a group of boys watching nearby. We'll take these war- machines and use them to destroy Trigan City ! Peric was working in his laboratory that fateful morning, when a sound at the open window made him turn. Peric. Aaaaah . . . You. The great scientist's hand groped for a button . . . Peric. Something terrible is happening . . . Immediately, the young Air Fleet pilot was enveloped in twin clouds of choking red gas ! Aaaaaaagh ! Fool ! Do you think I am without protection here ?

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 665 on 12 October 1974.