The Elixir of Youth

They came from all over the sprawling Trigan Empire, to witness the Imperial Games in the capital’s mammoth amphitheatre. We bring you a report on the ten thousand tellar foot race ! Coming up for the last lap, Zampha of Tharv is in the lead . . . The high spot of the games was the classic Vorg wrestling. Finalists were a Trigan named Mallo and a Daveli named Heller. You have him, Heller ! Do something, Mallo ! Mallo turned the tables on his bigger opponent, with a throw that thrilled the crowd and won him the crown ! The Emperor crowned the young victor, and spoke kindly to him. I hear that you are a promising scientist, Mallo. You must come and be Peric’s assistant. I would count that a great honour, Imperial Majesty ! I shall be delighted. That doddering old fool can’t last for long, then I shall be head of the Imperial Research Laboratory— with plenty of chances to line my purse ! And so, the scheming youth went to work with Peric, Elekton’s top scientist. What is this experiment ? Merely a forlorn attempt to rejuvenate this poor rorn, who has given so many years’ good service as a laboratory animal . . .
That night, while Peric was working on his experiment, there was a shattering explosion ! Aaaaaaaaaghhh ! No one heard the crash and the old scientist lay unconscious until dawn. He crossed over to inspect the damage. It was then that Peric saw his own reflection.

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 645 on 25 May 1974.


A World within a World (continued . . .)

A truce was declared. The Emperor’s brother, Brag, met leaders of the revolt and the more moderate political groups. Where is the Emperor ? It’s useless to talk of reforms, when the only man who can make them law refuses to show himself ! The Emperor will appear . . . in . . . in good time ! The leader of the moderates spoke up . . . Lord Brag—you must produce the Emperor by the end of the lunar month, or we shall have no alternative but to agree to the declaration of a Republic ! Brag knew that Trigo was as good as doomed already. If—if my brother does not appear within the time you have given, would I be acceptable in his place ? No, my Lord, you would not ! It’s Trigo— or nothing ! And so . . . It’s all up to you, Peric. You’ve got to restore the Emperor to his proper size by the end of the lunar month, or the Trigan Empire’s finished ! I am nowhere near the answer to the problem, Lord Brag. Meanwhile, the Emperor is shrinking fast ! Look ! Brag looked. His brother was living in the nightmare world of the microscopic ! By all the stars ! This is horrible ! My greatest problem is to protect him from predatory bacteria. Unfortunately, in keeping him alive and nourished, I am also keeping alive the creatures that could destroy him ! Even at that moment, Trigo was in deadly peril ! I am done for !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 581 on 3 March 1973.