The Zota Club (continued . . .)

Swinging the medallion from his fingers, Doran continued in a persistent, sing-song voice. You are now entirely in my power and you will do everything I order. Is that understood ? It—is— understood ! And then—the astounding order ! The Emperor is your enemy ! Remember that ! He must be eliminated ! Tomorrow, when you fly escort to the Imperial craft that is to take him to Cato, you will collide with the Imperial craft over Mount Vorg ! Very interesting.
The Imperial craft streaked up into the air—followed by Janno’s sleek little fighter. Janno took up station above and behind the other craft—and smiled to himself. That scoundrel Doran is going to receive an unpleasant shock any time now ! The lowering peak of Mount Vorg came into view. This is where I was supposed to collide with the Emperor’s craft ! And then—Janno’s sixth sense of a fighting man warned him of danger ! He wrenched at the controls. A streak of flame cut the air where he had been an instant before—and a dark shape flashed overhead ! By the stars ! It isn’t . . . It can’t be . . . Doran ! But the man at the controls of the other craft was indeed Doran ! It is fortunate that I am always at hand in case of failure ! Now I will perform the final disaster myself—The destruction of the Emperor ! He dived straight for the Imperial craft !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 539 on 13 May 1972.