The Food of the Gods (continued . . .)

Again and again, the fighting-craft came in with guns blazing. Open fire on him ! The defenders never had time to strike back. Then the attacker streaked off. You'll pay for this day's work, Janno—you foul traitor ! The news was brought to the Emperor Trigo. My own nephew, you say ? Is there no possibility of a mistake in the identification of the craft ? None at all, Imperial Majesty. It was Lord Janno's craft—and he has caused havoc at the base ! That craft—or my nephew—are to be attacked and destroyed on sight. Yes, Imperial Majesty. Alone, Trigo could only ponder and grieve. Janno ! Why did you do it, lad ? Why ? . . . Why ?
At that same moment, Janno was watching his own craft coming in to land at outpost seven. How does he do it ? . . . It's unbelievable ! He met the grinning face of the boys' leader. I've just wiped out half your base. Not bad for a beginner-pilot, eh ? But—I only showed you the basic controls, with someone prodding me in the back with the muzzle of a gun. If I'd guessed that you could have even got it up into the air . . . How could you have guessed . . . about us ? Something has happened to us. Not only has our physical strength greatly increased, but our mental powers also. We are super-creatures ! A pity you will not be around to see us masters of Elekton, Janno ! Eliminate him ! Janno saw the weapon coming up on aim. He ducked . . . Aaaaagh ! Get him ! Shoot him down ! Janno ran for his life. Feet, don't fail me now !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 664 on 5 October 1974.