The Food of the Gods (continued . . .)

Janno recovered consciousness, to find himself totally paralysed. Peric, you . . . you've got to listen to me. I am all attention. To begin with, you will explain your motives for attacking the Air Fleet base and causing such havoc ! Janno told all. Peric listened with growing amazement and horror . . . Are you telling me that these . . . mere children are capable of all these things ? I swear it, Peric ! They speak of making themselves masters of Elekton, and they feast off what they call the food of the gods ! Presently, the feeling came back into the young man's limbs. We must go to the Emperor at once. Yes ! I've seen what they're capable of, Peric. At that very moment, the boys were chatting with the soldiers of the Trigan armoured corps. Right, lads. We've shown you how to work the controls, what else do you want to find out ? I think we know all we need to know . . . Strike ! Aaaaaghh ! Start up your war-machines. Surround the city from all sides, then close in, shooting as you go !
Disaster was about to envelop the heart of the Trigan Empire. Yet another peril threatened. A herd of zargots, savage killers of the Vorg plains, came upon some of the alien plants and ate the fruit. The effect of eating the food of the gods was to increase their normal strength and killing-instinct a hundredfold. The news spread like a forest fire through the small villages and townships bordering the plains. The zargots are coming ! The maddened beasts tore through the streets. They are now heading for . . . Trigan City !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 666 on 19 October 1974.