The Unscrupulous Servant (continued . . .)

Our next strange story begins in the month of Yuss, on the day of the Imperial Examinations. A raggedly-dressed student named Robi took his seat among candidates from all over the Trigan Empire. The questions are simple enough. If I had bothered to go through the drudgery of study, I could have answered them all . . . . . . as it is, I shall have to rely on this tablet, which contains all the information I need ! Robi was a brilliant scholar but lazy. He cheated, and passed out top of the Imperial Examinations. At the head of the list is . . . Robi ! Ha !—that should get me a top job in the Imperial Service ! Indeed, the cheat was appointed assistant to none other than Peric, the most brilliant scientist on Elekton ! My boy ! With all the great work I am carrying out, it is an enormous relief to have the assistance of such a promising young scientist as yourself. And when I am gone, all this will be yours ! Pompous old windbag ! Does he think I'm going to wait around to step into his shoes ? Not me ! If I haven't lied and cheated my way into fame and fortune within the next lunar year, my name isn't Robi !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 496 on 17 July 1971.