The Thing from the Sea (continued . . .)

With a wrench at the controls, Janno brought the deadly head of the destroying unit down upon its parent machine. The work of destruction was swift—and final ! All lights failed inside the great dome, and lurid explosions rent it asunder. With shock waves pounding at his head, Janno felt himself rising through the riven roof. His head broke surface. Looking about him, he saw two floating figures in familiar garb. Keren and Roffa ! He seized his comrades. They are still alive ! Then—the sound of powerful engines overhead. A Trigan patrol craft—and it's seen us !
Moments later, willing hands were lifting Janno and his companions aboard the craft. Who's that ? It was one of the Thallans. Who is he, then ? One of our enemies ! And then—Janno found himself staring into the face of Ura Zircon ! Ura Zircon ! Send a message to His Imperial Majesty—tell him that the menace is destroyed, and that we are returning with Ura Zircon, Lord of the planet Thalla ! The message reached the Emperor Trigo. My nephew Janno is alive ! He says that the infernal underwater machines have been destroyed ! Alone with his secretary, the Emperor pondered. He says he is returning with Ura Zircon, Lord of the planet Thalla—who might he be ? That you will not live to discover, proud Emperor ! Ura Zircon's daughter extended her hands . . . You will receive the full force of my destructive power— the killing force !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 472 on 30 January 1971.