The Thing from the Sea (continued . . .)

Janno's arm encircled the Thallan's throat. Dragging aside his unconscious victim, the young Trigan took his place at the controls of the destroying unit. I think I saw enough to know how to work this infernal device. Now— what is the head of the destroying unit doing at the moment ? On the screen before him Janno saw a view of the sea . . . fast moving craft . . . and the head of another destroying unit. Obviously two of these devilish things are working together ! Somewhere in the sea of Tibor, two of the destroying units were attacking a flotilla of Trigan gunboats ! Then, to the sailors' astonishment . . . Look, sir ! By all the stars ! They're attacking each other ! Before the eyes of the astounded Trigans, the destroying unit operated by Janno sliced the head from its companion !
Janno's eyes danced with triumph. So much for that. Now to destroy the other two. Retracting the long “neck” of the destroying unit, Janno brought it back to the conquest machine. On the all- seeing screen, he was able to size up the situation. With two sweeping slices, Janno severed the necks of the remaining menaces. Then, at the moment of triumph—disaster ! The operators of the other units have realised what's happening ! Do I have time to destroy the conquest machine itself ? As the first of the Thallans entered the control compartment, Keren and Roffa launched themselves forward to the attack. Krakkk-krakkk ! Streaks of searing light dashed the two gallant Trigans to unconsciousness !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 471 on 23 January 1971.