The Man from the Future (continued . . .)

And now, in a lighter vein . . . the holder of the lucky ticket in the current Imperial Lottery draw. We take you over to the Imperial Lottery headquarters, to see the lucky winner. Before the envious gaze of millions, the red- headed individual became a multi-millionaire. Toth Zandu, I have pleasure in presenting you with a bank draft for two million thullars and twenty-five thousand zersts. I thank you. One viewer was more than envious, he was FURIOUS ! It's him ! The fellow who bought my ticket off me for five thousand zersts ! And the ticket's won ! You threw away a fortune, you fool ! How was I to know it was going to win ? Come to think of it, how did he know ?

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 691 on 12 April 1975.