The Lost Years (continued . . .)

One small detail disturbed his contentment . . . Strange ! In my night- mare, there was a tall young tree here—and here’s a sapling that will grow into just such a tree in about three years’ time ! And I hadn’t noticed it before. Later that year, on Air-Fleet Day, the Trigan Empire was given over to a national holiday. Narri and his family joined the jubilant crowds. Here comes the Air Fleet ! The pride of the Trigan Empire flashed over the great city in faultless formation. As part of the celebrations, a certain ceremony was held in the throne-room of the Imperial Palace. Ossan, I appoint you Marshal-in-Chief of the Trigan Air Fleet . . . Narri saw it relayed, live—along with thousands of others—in the Great Square. Its Ossan ! The traitor ! The one who wiped out the Imperial Family and set himself up as Dictator ! It was then that Narri realised what had happened to him. Narri ! What’s come over you ? Everyone’s staring at us ! It’s just as Roffa told it to me ! Only, it’s all in the future ! When I fell asleep on that mountain side, I was granted a vision of what will be taking place here in three years’ time !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 571 on 23 December 1972.


The Man from the Future (continued . . .)

And now, in a lighter vein . . . the holder of the lucky ticket in the current Imperial Lottery draw. We take you over to the Imperial Lottery headquarters, to see the lucky winner. Before the envious gaze of millions, the red- headed individual became a multi-millionaire. Toth Zandu, I have pleasure in presenting you with a bank draft for two million thullars and twenty-five thousand zersts. I thank you. One viewer was more than envious, he was FURIOUS ! It's him ! The fellow who bought my ticket off me for five thousand zersts ! And the ticket's won ! You threw away a fortune, you fool ! How was I to know it was going to win ? Come to think of it, how did he know ?

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 691 on 12 April 1975.