The Giant Plant (continued . . .)

A dishevelled figure on a stolen kreed was riding through a lonely valley. Suddenly—the hiss of an arrow ! Aaaaagh ! He was instantly surrounded by Lokans. This time I shall not miss ! No ! Save him for the leader— he takes a special delight in dispatching Trigan curs ! The prisoner was dragged before the leader of the renegade band. Trigan ! I regret that you will not live a little longer, to see your capital city in ruins and your empire collapse in confusion ! No ! Wait ! I have a request. What's this ? Let me live to see the accursed Emperor Trigo slain before my eyes. Then I will die happy ! Who are you, Trigan ? You look like a slave, yet you speak like a warrior ! I am Tax Toru— formerly commander of the Trigan Imperial Guard, until I was disgraced by the judgment of Trigo and sent to slave in the mines. I escaped this morning, and I only live for vengeance ! You please me, Tax Toru. A man driven on by hatred is a good ally. Your wish will be granted, and you shall help us in our plan— tonight !
That night, disguised as desert traders, Tax Toru and two Lokans entered the city gates with a wagon. Looking and speaking like a Trigan subject, the escaped convict aroused no suspicions. We bring a load of vegetables for the market. Pass through ! They came to a dark street. Release the rallus ! A tumbling host of squealing rallus emerged from a cage within the wagon, and scuttled into the dark entrance. Tax Toru was puzzled. How can they destroy Trigan City ? Parts of the city are already infested with them. Ah !—But those are special rallus ! Quiet, fool ! He is not to be told the secret ! Two days later, a market was held in the great square of the city. When the twin suns of Elekton were high in the sky— it happened ! There was a thunder of countless flying feet. Market stalls were overturned in confusion. And a host of giant rallus hurled themselves at the panic-stricken crowd. Eeeeeeeh ! —look ! By all the stars ! Aaaaaah !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 476 on 27 February 1971.