A World within a World (continued . . .)

A truce was declared. The Emperor’s brother, Brag, met leaders of the revolt and the more moderate political groups. Where is the Emperor ? It’s useless to talk of reforms, when the only man who can make them law refuses to show himself ! The Emperor will appear . . . in . . . in good time ! The leader of the moderates spoke up . . . Lord Brag—you must produce the Emperor by the end of the lunar month, or we shall have no alternative but to agree to the declaration of a Republic ! Brag knew that Trigo was as good as doomed already. If—if my brother does not appear within the time you have given, would I be acceptable in his place ? No, my Lord, you would not ! It’s Trigo— or nothing ! And so . . . It’s all up to you, Peric. You’ve got to restore the Emperor to his proper size by the end of the lunar month, or the Trigan Empire’s finished ! I am nowhere near the answer to the problem, Lord Brag. Meanwhile, the Emperor is shrinking fast ! Look ! Brag looked. His brother was living in the nightmare world of the microscopic ! By all the stars ! This is horrible ! My greatest problem is to protect him from predatory bacteria. Unfortunately, in keeping him alive and nourished, I am also keeping alive the creatures that could destroy him ! Even at that moment, Trigo was in deadly peril ! I am done for !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 581 on 3 March 1973.


The Lost Years (continued . . .)

After what seemed like an eternity, Janno and Roffa were summoned from their infernal dungeon. Out of it, you two ! Today you face trial ! Their trial was held in the great court of the Imperial Palace, and the Emperor himself was Presiding Judge. You are both accused of foully conspiring to sabotage three bombing craft of the Imperial Trigan Air Fleet. Denial is useless—your action was recorded on the security device . . . Projected on a giant screen, they saw and heard themselves as they had been on the fateful night—captured by a hidden camera. . . . I’m fixing the electronics . . . Most damning of all—there was a newsreel shot of the disaster they had caused. And then . . . Have you anything to say ? We acted in good faith ! We believed that Marshal Ossan was conspiring to assassinate the Emperor and . . . Marshal Ossan ? What next ? Narri was called as a defence witness. The poor wretch was cut to pieces by the astute prosecutor. So you went into the future, did you ? And you saw Marshal Ossan riding around in a big car as the Dictator of Trigan ? Yes, I did . . . at least, I think I did . . . The fellow’s mad ! He should be locked up.

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 577 on 3 February 1973.