The Fiendish Experiment (continued . . .)

The water ebbed towards Janno. Then—krakkk !—He was flung into the air by a stunning electrical charge ! Eeeeeeaaaghh ! Vella materialised from his own volume of water. I had an idea that his Imperial Majesty would try to trick me. Too bad you got yourself landed with the job, Janno ! He was picked up—together with the money—by his accomplice. By the stars ! That two million zersts was easily earned ! This is only the beginning, Zerros my friend. We shall soon be the richest fellows on Elekton ! It was some days before Janno recovered consciousness in a Trigan City clinic. Tell us anything you can remember, Janno. Any clue—however seemingly unimportant —could be vital. Water . . . the water came towards me . . . It seemed to have . . . a life of its own ! Something clicked in Peric’s brilliant mind. Water, and alive ? My invention ! That diabolical experiment I stumbled upon ! The great scientist hurried round to his laboratory. Gone ! The red folder containing my notes and diagrams ! Meanwhile, in Vella’s apartment . . . Your method is almost foolproof, Vella. Provided you don’t fall into the trap of over-confidence, you will never be caught ! My method, as you call it, is completely foolproof ! And there is no limit to what I can accomplish ! For instance, take the King of Daveli —that unfortunate monarch whose crown jewels I have already purloined —who is flying home tomorrow after his disastrous state visit . . . . . . I intend to kidnap him and hold him for ransom !
The following morning, the Emperor bade farewell to his guest, the King of Daveli. Your Majesty, it grieves me that your visit has been marred by the loss of your jewels. But be assured that no effort will be spared to recover them. I thank you, Imperial Majesty. The royal air liner soared skywards. It was some time later that the King noticed water seeping into his compartment. Strange . . . Then, before his astonished eyes, a figure materialised from the water . . . Fasten your seat belt, you royal barbarian ! You are going for a ride ! Aaaaah ! Who are . . . you ? An instant later, the terrified monarch was ejected from his air liner ! Eeeeaaaaaaghhh !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 557 on 16 September 1972.