The Fiendish Experiment (continued . . .)

The King’s ejector gear brought him safely to the ground. Instants later, a column of water descended near by the shocked monarch. The water trickled towards the King, touched him, and— Eeeeaaaaghh ! Vella re-materialised. It will be several days before you recover your senses, you barbarian ! He dragged his victim to a cave mouth, close to which stood an air fleet fighter-craft. He will lie safely in the cave till I have been paid the ransom-money. What could be simpler ? At that moment, in Trigan City, a squad of police were surrounding Vella’s apartment. Smash the door in ! Peric was among the first to enter the apartment and see the strange apparatus that filled one of the rooms. I was right in my assumption ! That young scoundrel has submitted himself to my process—and used it for criminal purposes ! Why ! That’s the folder containing details of your invention ! I remember the night you showed it to Vella and me ! I should have guessed right from the start, when he had his miraculous escape from the air crash. I told you at the time, Janno —there are no such things as miracles !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 558 on 23 September 1972.