The Curse of King Yutta (continued . . .)

The piece of cloth was taken to Peric’s laboratory. I have subjected it to all the usual tests. The material is unbelievably ancient. As old as King Yutta’s tomb. Then, by all the demons in Daveli, how did it get into my bedchamber ? The great scientist’s answer chilled the blood in their veins. That I cannot answer for certain, Imperial Majesty. But it is the kind of material used in the preparation of royal mummies. It could be that your assailant was—The Mummy of King Yutta ! The “King’s Curse” was the sensation of Elekton. The views of prominent citizens were eagerly canvassed. Councillor Rothi, it was you who proposed the motion to place the mummy and its treasures on public display. Do you feel that you may have brought down the curse upon your head ? Don’t talk rubbish, fellow ! The bluff, no-nonsense councillor Rothi took off in his private air craft—and disappeared from the sight of men ! The wreckage of his craft was washed up on the shore of the Great Ocean, a lunar month later.

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 562 on 21 October 1972.