The Curse of King Yutta (continued . . .)

The Emperor sent for Janno and his bodyguard the following morning. I would remind you, Nephew, that your father is at death’s door. If anything happens to me, you may well become the next Emperor of the Trigans. To secure the succession, I am going to send you away—secretly—to a lonely island . . . When Elekton’s twin suns were at the zenith, Janno was flying over the trackless Great Ocean, piloted by Sweya. The island is dead ahead, according to my calculations. I have it in visual contact. Stand by for a landing. The island had been well-chosen, being far from normal air and sea routes. Not bad. We’ll be quite comfortable here for a lunar month or so. When they had landed . . . I’ll have a scout around our new home. I’ll join you just as soon as I’ve unloaded these provisions. Some time later, at the far side of the small island, a moving shadow fell across Janno. He turned . . . Who’s that ? You ! Suddenly face-to-face with death, Janno felt no fear—only shocked surprise !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 565 on 11 November 1972.