The Wish-Fulfiller (continued . . .)

Then began the great work of rescuing others from the baleful spell of the black boxes. This Peric and his assistants did with hypnosis and other psychological techniques. Many were the strange confessions that Peric heard. From Brag, for instance . . . I always had an ambition to be a great sculptor. Under the influence of the black box, I carved a mountain into a statue of Trigo ! I have been a civil servant—a little grey man—all my life. But with the aid of the black box, I lived like a barbarian chieftain ! In my fantasy, I flew like a bird, all over Elekton. And from Roffa . . . I became —a god ! It was a marvelous feeling.
The Trigan Police found the headquarters of the criminal gang that had manufactured and sold for enormous prices thousands of the infernal little black boxes. Their method was fiendishly simple— the victim’s first introduction was to have this thing attached to his head by force ! After that, he became its slave —and paid anything to keep it. The Empire has, once more, triumphed over what seemed certain disaster. But it was a close thing ! As Trigo said . . .

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 549 on 22 July 1972.