The Three Aliens (continued . . .)

In the glowing light of Elekton’s setting suns, the vast sea fleet of Hericon was leaving harbour on its mission of destruction. Where . . . where are they going ? To conquer Victris . . . and the Trigan air fleet takes off at dawn to destroy our friends in Daveli ! And then Peric and Janno heard the tramp of booted feet in the garden outside. That’s the door ! Janno felt a sudden shock of fear, which he instantly quenched. They’re looking for me ! . . . Give me a sword, old friend . . . let me die fighting, like a Trigan ! But Peric had no sword . . . and it was with a heavy candlestick in his hand that young Janno faced the armed men. Right ! . . . Come and get me !

This instalment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 296 on 16 September 1967.