The Thing from the Sea (continued . . .)

Janno and the others flattened themselves against the rocky ground as the thing from the sea reared high above them. And then . . . Janno ! It's going out to sea again ! Right—we're going after it ! Quickly ! Propelled by the special high-speed machines on their backs, they followed it. After what seemed an eternity, Janno signalled his companions to halt. Before their eyes lay the secret thing that menaced Elekton. Janno had seen all he needed to know. He made the pre- arranged signal for their return.
And then, Zatti raised his hands— krakkk -krakk !— a strange, stunning force sparked out from his fingertips ! Presently, alien forms emerged from the massive shape on the sea-bed. The three unconscious Trigans were carried away. After three days had passed, the Emperor summoned his brother Brag, who was Janno's father. They have not returned from their mission. I fear we must accept that Janno and his comrades have perished in the course of duty. Later, he called for one of the palace secretaries. I will dictate further plans for the location and destruction of the menace. You will send copies to the captains of my armed forces. That night, the girl called Sorra slept submerged in the water of the palace baths ! She belonged to the same alien race as Zatti ! Yes, Imperial Majesty. By the way, you are new here, are you not ? Yes, Imperial Majesty— my name is Sorra.

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 468 on 2 January 1971.