The Thing from the Sea (continued . . .)

A terrifying shape rose from the sea some distance from the craft. Aaaaaahhh . . . look ! It's coming at us ! Start the engines ! Prepare for emergency take-off ! The craft streaked skyward—with the “thing” close behind. Janno sent his craft into a dizzy side-slip—but not soon enough to avoid trouble. The object's tongue slashed one wing in half ! Battling with the controls, Janno gained height. I'm going to make a counter attack ! Stand by to fire the projectiles, Roffa ! Right ! As the Trigan craft swooped, the deadly projectiles found their target. Well hit, Roffa !
But . . . The projectiles didn't make a mark on it ! It's sinking out of sight ! When it vanished, Janno and his comrades exchanged grim glances. What—what is that thing ? Only one man on Elekton could possibly answer that question—Peric ! That night, the great scientist Peric interrogated Janno in the presence of the Emperor. Think carefully, Janno— are you sure it was not a sea-creature ? Yes ! The thing was metallic—some kind of monstrous mechanical device. The enquiry over, Emperor Trigo turned to the man with the finest brain on Elekton. Well, Peric ? I confess myself baffled, Imperial Majesty—baffled ! Meanwhile, by the Trigan Sea, the inhabitants of the prosperous city of Karona went about their business, unaware that this day was to be their last . . . The “thing” arrived at dusk . . . . . . And the destruction began ! Aaaaaaaaagh ! Eeeeeeeeehh !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 465 on 12 December 1970.