The Prisoner of Zerss (continued . . .)

Every day brought a fresh disaster. The climax came when a fighting-craft of the Trigan Air Fleet was shot down by its own coastal battery. The pilot was Janno, who managed to eject and land safely. That was close ! I nearly joined my illustrious ancestors then ! The news was brought to the Emperor, whose powerful countenance was beginning to show the strain of his ordeal. There's no telling how or why it happened. The officer who gave the order to open fire has disappeared without trace. The arch-fiend is behind it, as always ! Brag— we've got to stop him ! What is this secret weapon he's using against my empire ? Only one man alive has the brain to answer that, brother—Peric ! Peric ? The man who helped the fiend to escape ? Must I set him free ? Ah, Brag, I must try every means possible, I suppose . . . A message was sent out to the prison island of Zerss, and the strange cell was lowered from the sky.

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 524 on 29 January 1972.