The Lost Years (continued . . .)

Narri caught his first, brief glimpse of the man who was to play such an important part in his life— and whose life he, in turn, was to change so greatly. That is Ossan ? More questions teemed in Narri’s mind. He asked a man standing next to him . . . The people don’t seem very enthusiastic about their ruler. Isn’t he popular ? You want to be careful what you’re saying, fellow ! A few moments later, Narri saw that the man had sidled over to a police officer. He’s reporting what I said just now ! I’m in trouble ! Narri took to his heels. Hey, you ! Stop ! Stop, I say ! The panic-stricken young peasant was stopping for no one. He fled out of the city, and headed towards the hills. Somehow . . . somewhere . . . I have lost three lunar years out of my life ! And . . . and in that time, the Trigan Empire, as I knew it, has finished ! And then—the roar of engines, and a harsh order ! Halt—or perish !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 569 on 9 December 1972.