The Great Flood (continued . . .)

One shattering explosion and the “Daveli” plunged to the depths ! The Emperor conducted an enquiry into the disaster. How did it happen ? None of the survivors were able to tell, Imperial Majesty ! All we know is that, shortly after daybreak, the ship suddenly began to sink ! To lose more vessels, in our present plight, would be a double disaster ! I call for two volunteers to examine the wreck ! The Emperor’s own nephew was the first to respond. I’ll go ! And I ! The second volunteer was the Lokan youth, Zaro. Later . . . Strange to think of you— a Lokan—in the service of the Emperor ! I have to make some amends for the terrible wrongs that my people did under the evil leadership of Yorri-Zim. Yorri-Zim was a son of the tyrant Zorth, last king of the Lokans. By our traditions of obedience, we were bound to follow him ! I disobeyed him and betrayed him ! I thanks the stars that he perished in the deluge !

This instalment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 640 on 20 April 1974.