The Food of the Gods (continued . . .)

The two scientists backed away, beating off the tiny forms and their slashing talons. Close the door, or we’re done for ! Safe inside, they stared out at their assailants. They’ve turned into fighting- mad killers ! But . . . why ? . . . How ? In the lunar months that followed, the strange plant gave forth a berry-like fruit. A party of schoolboys from Trigan City were camping in the forest of Vorg, under the charge of their master. Go exploring, by all means, but mind you’re all back in camp by the time the suns set. Later . . . These berries look good. I’m going to try one ! Watch it. They might be poisonous. What’s it taste like ? It’s . . . it’s . . . fantastic ! Try some for yourselves.
Towards sunset . . . Where are those confounded lads ? I told them to be back by now. So there you are. About time, too ! Why are you looking at me like that ? Don’t . . . don’t play games. Get him ! Destroy him ! He ran for his life and they followed, baying like animals. No ! No ! Ga-a-a-ah ! E-e-e-e-e-eeeeehhh ! At dawn next day, the boys approached a nearby Trigan army outpost. The sentry was all unsuspecting . . . Hello, lads. What can I do for you, eh ? Hey ! What’s come over you ?

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 662 on 21 September 1974.