The Elixir of Youth (continued . . .)

Narrod, are you all right ? You’re lucky to be alive, I can tell you ! My sight failed me, and my reactions were too slow at that corner ! I’m finished ! I shall never get into a race-auto again ! Once he held every speed record on Elekton ! Well, old age gets us all in the end ! A lifetime of record-breaking had made Narrod a planet-wide celebrity and a millionaire. But he went back to his luxurious villa in black despair. My life is finished. I may still live on for years . . . . . . If you can call it living ! Why not end it all now ? A visitor requesting to see you, Master. His name is Mallo. Not the Mallo, who won the Vorg wrestling crown at the Imperial Games ? Show him in, Zapp. My, how I envy you, my boy. Do you know I won the Vorg wrestling crown three times when I was your age ! What wouldn’t I give to be young again ! You can be young again, Narrod ! Youth lies within this phial and it can be yours ! . . . . . . For a million thullars !—Cash !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 647 on 8 June 1974.