The Curse of King Yutta (continued . . .)

Above the muzzle of the levelled weapon, Janno saw the eyes that he knew so well. So you’re the one behind it all ! You, who were appointed my bodyguard, have been trying to destroy me all this time ! A question sprang to Janno’s lips— and Sweya gave a contemptuous laugh. And what of King Yutta’s Mummy ? The Mummy ? —Hah ! I am not alone in this, Janno. My orders are to kill you, which is a pity, since I quite like you. But there it is . . . goodbye, Janno. Bla-a-a-mm ! At the precise moment that he saw Sweya’s finger tighten on the trigger, Janno threw himself sideways ! And then . . . Aaaaaagh ! . . . He leapt into action ! Uuuuh . . . Looking down at the unconscious face beneath him, a chord of memory stirred in Janno’s mind. That voice ! The voice I heard coming from the Mummy—now I know where I heard it before !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 566 on 18 November 1972.