Planet Zootha (continued . . .)

Behold—the Great Ones ! Trigo was deeply impressed. They look like Gods ! Do such creatures live ? They live ! And they demand the sacrifice of the best things we have—our best flocks, finest foodstuffs, and our first-born sons. In return, they allow us to live and prosper ! Garron pointed to Janno. That one will be sacrificed to the Great Ones this day ! Oppose this at your peril, mighty Emperor ! Janno was brought to a great cavemouth . . . He was tied there . . . Soon, noble youth, you will have the honour of perishing at the hands of the Great Ones ! Aaaaah . . .
Trigo, on the pretext of saying farewell to his nephew, whispered an assurance in his ear. I will save you, Janno ! Never fear—you will not be abandoned ! Do you understand ? Yes, Uncle. A mighty horn was sounded. Its mournful note echoed and re-echoed in the deep fastnesses of the great cavern. Then Janno was left standing alone, in the growing darkness. How . . . how long do I have to wait ? He was not alone for long ! Aaaaaaaaaah ! Out of the darkness of the great cavern . . . THEY came ! Some distance away, in the Vorg camp, when all was silent, Trigo rose to his feet. First—to deal with that sentry ! The Trigan Emperor set off to keep his promise. I hope I am not too late !

This instalment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 632 on 23 February 1974.