Planet Zootha (continued . . .)

Trigo reached the cavemouth. Gone ! Janno has gone ! He gazed up at the stake where his nephew had been tied. They’ve taken him ! It may be that all I can do now is to exact vengeance ! Entering the vast cavemouth, he saw . . . There’s light down there ! He descended into the gloom. Presently, the Trigan Emperor was gazing upon a scene that staggered the imagination. By all the stars ! It is a world within a world ! There was a vast underground city, all bathed in a phosphorescent glow that was brighter than daylight. As Trigo stared in awe, a group of slaves toiled past, guarded by hideous, squat creatures. At a curt order from their guards, the weary slaves stopped to rest. If I could get closer and speak to one of those poor wretches . . .
Presently . . . Pssssssst ! Ah ! Who . . . Who are you ? A friend ! I’ve come to help you. But, first, I need some information ! To start with—who are those ugly demons ? They are the Kerds—savage and warlike creatures who serve the Great Ones and keep us Vorg slaves in submission. Just then, a litter went past. In it lolled a stout and pampered-looking individual. All hail O Great One ! A Great One ? But I have seen statues of the Great Ones—they look like gods ! Countless ages of gluttony and idleness have taken their toll ! Now all the Great Ones look like that fat wretch ! At that moment— IT HAPPENED ! Alarm ! Alarm ! A spy in our midst ! Gaaaaaaah !

This instalment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 633 on 2 March 1974.