The Faith Healer (continued . . .)

An instant before impact, Janno's sixth sense made him hit the escape button . . . Seconds later the high-tension wires blew the plane to pieces. The result was inevitable—a court martial. You are indicted on two counts. Firstly, you did fly dangerously and without due caution. Secondly, you did fly while knowing yourself to be medically unfit. How do you plead to these two charges ? Guilty to both, sir. In view of your excellent record, no further disciplinary action will be taken. But you are removed from the list of air fleet pilots. Never to fly again . . . Never ! What am I going to do ? Meanwhile, in the fishing village on the coast, the gambler Nastor, now recovered from his accident, was continuing with his “faith-healing” among the simple fisher folk. How is the little fellow ? Much better, sir. Every time you see him, he improves. Alone, Nastor was quite frank with himself. No one ever gets better, but it makes them feel better, to be in contact with me. A pity it can't go on for much longer, because it's more profitable than being an unsuccessful gambler, but they'll see through me in the end.

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 720 on 1 November 1975.