Mazaratto’s Universal Elixir (continued . . .)

Zelli had two courses open to him: to flee, or to turn. He turned . . . By the stars, I'll take you with me, you murderous animal ! The instant that his craft struck, Zelli pulled the escape lever—and knew no more. Later, much later . . . Uuuuh . . . He's coming round. About time, too—the hairbrained scoundrel ! Why—why are you looking at me like that ? You can ask that ? You, who deliberately—or out of sheer folly—crashed into an airliner ?
An airliner ? But—it was a fighter craft ! And it attacked me first ! Shot my cockpit to pieces ! Save your lies, Zelli. We've got a telerecord of the whole thing, shot from the ground. Let him see it ! The picture showed Zelli's undamaged craft diving straight for . . . An unarmed airliner ! No !—No ! —No ! ! Were— were many people ? . . Luckily, the liner was empty of passengers, and the crew managed to eject unharmed. That isn't going to help you a lot though. Put your clothes on, Zelli. You're coming to headquarters ! Later that day, investigators picking over the wreckage of Zelli's craft in search of clues, found . . . What's this in here ? It was a bottle— miraculously unbroken. 'Dr. Mazaratto's Universal Elixir' . . . . . . Not again ! That evening, Janno was giving his comrade Roffa a lift to the Air Fleet base. Roffa was strangely restless—nervous . . . Careful on the next bend, Janno. Better brake now . . . On reaching the bend—it happened ! Goodbye, old friend !—Have a good trip ! Heh, heh, heh ! No time to leap clear himself ! Roffa made a grab for the wheel —to fight the runaway auto round the hairpin bend ! Aaaaaah . . . aaaaaaah . . .

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 804 on 11 June 1977.