Mazaratto’s Universal Elixir

Late one evening, the great scientist Peric was working in his laboratory in Trigan City. Suddenly, he saw a sign of impending disaster. The mass has become unstable. Flee for your lives ! Peric and his assistants fled in panic. Evacuate the building ! It's going to explode. All escaped in the nick of time. A whole life's work—gone in a flash. Some time later, three scouts of the Trigan Air Fleet were returning from a mission. They observed the crowds of people milling towards the gates of the city far below. They're gathering for the annual fair.
The craft were flown by Janno, Keren and Roffa. We’ll go to the fair this afternoon. Who would miss it ? Count me in. That afternoon, the three pilots strolled through the crowded fairground. Look. A genuine fake medicine man of the sort I haven’t seen since I was a boy ! Permit me to introduce myself—Doctor Mazaratto, Professor of Science at the University of Zoll, inventor of Mazaratto’s Universal Elixir . . . Mazaratto’s Universal Elixir, my friends, is a never-failing remedy for headache, toothache, falling hair, weakness in the joints, disturbances of the digestion . . . Among the scoffers and mockers was a cripple, who cried out in a plaintive voice . . . Mazaratto, you’re an old faker ! If you could cure me, Mazaratto, I would praise you till my dying day ! What’s this ? —A fellow in need ! Straightway, the medicine pedlar poured a draught of his ‘elixir’ and gave it to the cripple. Take it, friend. Drink it down. Tomorrow, come and see me here—and tell me how much you are improved. A few people bought the elixir, but not many. Janno and his companions moved away, smiling. But . . . Hey !— Look !— Look what’s happened ! Look at me ! Look at me !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 800 on 14 May 1977.