The Wish-Fulfiller (continued . . .)

In the control compartment of an underwater fighting- boat of the Tharv Navy, the atmosphere was tense. Computer ready ! Target within range ! Fire projectiles ! Deadly shapes sped to their goal. The “Emperor Trigo”, flagship of the Trigan Fleet, was hit—and sank almost immediately. Tharv was a vassal state of the sprawling Trigan Empire. News of the sinking was greeted with wild joy by the populace of the Tharv capital. Down with the Trigans ! Who needs those good- for-nothings ? Freedom for Tharv ! At dawn the next day, Tharv armoured spearheads were moving towards Trigan City, and the cry was on every lip . . . We’ll throw off the chains of that ramshackle empire !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 543 on 10 June 1972.


The Duplication Machine (continued . . .)

Janno's craft plummeted into the sea. A comrade circled over the wreckage for some time—but . . . I regret to report that Lord Janno has departed to join his ancestors ! That night, at a lonely spot off the coast of Trigan . . . Is that you ?— Do you have the prisoner ? Yes !— I have him ! The duplicate Janno was dragged aboard the Caton undersea warship. Well—now do you believe me ? Is this not indeed Lord Janno the Emperor's nephew ? By all the stars, so it is ! Then give me my money and let me depart, Admiral ! Ten thousand Trigan pieces, as agreed ! You will be paid for your treachery, fellow—but my orders are to take you back to Cato ! A cold finger of terror traced its course down Robi's spine. I'm done for ! As soon as the Catons announce that they have Janno, the Trigans will issue a statement that it is a lie ! AAAAAH ! Then the Catons will torture the truth out of me !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 503 on 4 September 1971.