The Curse of King Yutta (continued . . .)

And so, day and night, Lieutenant Sweya guarded the life of the Emperor’s nephew. Can’t I even go in for a swim ? No ! Remember what happened to Obolom ! Suddenly . . . it happened ! Aaaaaah ! Janno peered down into a shadowy courtyard—in time to see a strange figure flit from sight. Oh no ! It’s—the Mummy of King Yutta !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 564 on 4 November 1972.


The Curse of King Yutta (continued . . .)

And then . . . Eeeeaaaagghhhh ! They found him next morning . . . Who could have done this ? And why ? And that was not all. Aaaaaah ! King Yutta has gone ! That same day, Ricci, one of the two wealthy Trigan businessmen who had been the first to enter the forbidden tomb, was being driven home to his villa. Suddenly, the driver saw . . . something ! Eeeaaaaagggghh ! They brought the news of the disaster to the Emperor. . . . Is the curse of Yutta coming true already ? “They who defile the resting place of the King shall swiftly perish !” . . .

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 560 on 7 October 1972.


The Fiendish Experiment (continued . . .)

The dreaded penal mines were the disgrace of the Trigan Empire. There, the empire’s worst criminals were sent to slave themselves to death. None escaped . . . Until . . . What . . . What are you doing ? Shut your mouth. Do everything I say. In less time than it takes to tell, the astounded convict was seated in a fast vehicle that was driving him through the night towards Trigan City. We must get into the city before the general alarm’s raised and road blocks are set up ! There were no complications. Before dawn, the escaped man was standing in Vella’s comfortable apartment. You ?—An Air Fleet officer ?—Why have you done this for me ? Not for you, my friend, but for me ! I need you ! You are—or were—Zerros the scientist. Possibly the greatest scientist on Elekton after Peric, till you were condemned for life for selling secrets to Trigan’s enemies. I have a job for you. Read this. Zerros scanned the contents of the red folder. It was not long before he was staring in horror at his companion. It’s insane ! . . . diabolical ! . . . I’ll have nothing to do with it ! You will conduct the experiment, using me as the subject—or back to the mines you go !
Anything but the mines ! . . . anything ! But it will take time, and money, to construct the apparatus for the experiment. Time we have plenty of . . . money I will get ! Vella went to the leader of the criminal organisation to whom he already owed a fortune in gambling debts. Are you out of your mind, Lieutenant ? I gave you till the end of the lunar month to settle, now you come asking for more money ! I tell you that your investment will be repaid a thousandfold ! Trust me . . . He got the money. By the end of the lunar month, his apartment was filled with strange apparatus. It is ready. But I must ask you to reconsider . . . You will conduct the experiment immediately ! Vella laid himself down in a transparent container. Why do you hesitate ? . . . Begin ! On your own head be it, Vella ! The scientist reeled back before the assault of sound and light. Aaaaaaaaaghhhh ! And when it was all over . . . It can’t be true ! . . . It can’t !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 551 on 5 August 1972.