The Street Sweeper (continued . . .)

Krusi spent a hair-raising morning driving Simbal's luxury sport-auto. What a life ! What a life ! He was fascinated by the expensive gadgetry. Its got everything— everything ! Radio— Telscreen—built-in hot and cold snack bar ! And then, his questing fingers revealed—a secret compartment ! What’s this ? Krusi pulled in and examined his find. It’s a key. But a key to what ? It says on the tag—‘Trigan Imperial Bank’. He went to the Trigan Imperial Bank. On producing the key, he was treated like —a millionaire ! Er . . . regarding the key . . . Delighted to be of service, sir ! I will personally escort you to your safe-deposit vault ! No trouble, no trouble at all !
Bemused, Krusi was borne far below the bank. The key opened a great door. Krusi entered the vault . . . and saw . . . The ex-street sweeper fainted clean away ! Meanwhile, a stranger had just arrived at the villa where Simbal had been 'eliminated'. This was the sinister Chango—sent by the bandit leader to find and recover the fortune. In the grounds of the villa, he discovered a new grave.

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 771 on 23 October 1976.