The Wish-Fulfiller (continued . . .)

It was nearly dawn when Janno and his father were escorted home in an army fighting machine. What a night. You look tired and fed-up, Father. I am, lad. Nothing would please me more than to retire and go and farm our estates in the country. Someone was waiting for Brag in the shadows of his room !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 542 on 3 June 1972.


Mazaratto’s Universal Elixir (continued . . .)

The projectile zapped over Janno's bent head as he connected with his quarry ! Aaaaaghh ! The young Air Fleet pilot dragged the half-conscious sniper to his feet. What are you up to, you murderous wretch ? Firing on innocent people indiscriminately ! Are you out of your mind ? Huh ? . . The other's voice rose in a terrified wail . . . It isn't me . . . it's the others ! The team of investigators from the Special Branch visited the home of the arrested sniper, who was found to be a certain Klospor, a clerk at the Ministry of Taxes, who lived with his widowed mother. I tell you my boy's a good boy. Never hurt anyone in his life ! Did he have any problems ? Money problems ? Work problems ? Health problems ? No, he didn't ! Well, he recently complained of a bad toothache—but he was taking Dr. Mazaratto's elixir for that. What elixir did you say, lady ? Dr. Mazaratto's. He bought it at the Trigan fair. The name struck a chord of memory in the highly trained mind of the special investigator . . . Dr. Mazaratto . . . now . . . that's odd . . . Very odd !
Meanwhile, Dr. Mazaratto the fake medicine man was doing great business at a fair in nearby Cato—largely thanks to the acting of his accomplice. He cured me ! One swallow, and I can walk for the first time in my life ! I'll take one ! Two for me ! One at a time, folks. Plenty for all. One of the purchasers was a prosperous young lawyer named Zelli. He suffered agonies from headaches, and did not wait to leave the fair before he partook of the elixir. If it rids me of this awful pain, I can fly home in peace. By the time Zelli reached his private craft, it seemed to him that the pain had somewhat abated. It may be my imagination, but I seem to feel a bit better . . . In the air and heading for his luxury villa out of town, he sensed—danger ! There's a craft following me ! . . It came at him from out of the suns—spitting flame and destruction ! Next instant, his cockpit was a shambles of riddled wreckage !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 803 on 4 June 1977.