The Lost Years (continued . . .)

One small detail disturbed his contentment . . . Strange ! In my night- mare, there was a tall young tree here—and here’s a sapling that will grow into just such a tree in about three years’ time ! And I hadn’t noticed it before. Later that year, on Air-Fleet Day, the Trigan Empire was given over to a national holiday. Narri and his family joined the jubilant crowds. Here comes the Air Fleet ! The pride of the Trigan Empire flashed over the great city in faultless formation. As part of the celebrations, a certain ceremony was held in the throne-room of the Imperial Palace. Ossan, I appoint you Marshal-in-Chief of the Trigan Air Fleet . . . Narri saw it relayed, live—along with thousands of others—in the Great Square. Its Ossan ! The traitor ! The one who wiped out the Imperial Family and set himself up as Dictator ! It was then that Narri realised what had happened to him. Narri ! What’s come over you ? Everyone’s staring at us ! It’s just as Roffa told it to me ! Only, it’s all in the future ! When I fell asleep on that mountain side, I was granted a vision of what will be taking place here in three years’ time !

This installment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 571 on 23 December 1972.