The Great Flood

The amazing story of life on the planet Elekton, far out in space, was learnt by people on Earth when a strange craft crashed in a swamp in Florida, in the U.S.A.
The Air Fleet Carrier ‘Daveli’ was cruising in the southern ocean and the crews were practising landings. Janno, the Emperor’s nephew, received a fateful summons that day. Lieutenant, there’s a message from Trigan City. You’re to return there at once, to attend an Imperial conference. An Imperial conference ?— About what, I wonder ? The following day, Janno took his place in the vast audience chamber of the Imperial Palace. Present were the members of the Imperial Family, Heads of States, and Military Chiefs of the Empire. Elekton’s top Scientist, Peric, rose to address them. His opening words stunned them into silence . . . My friends ! . . . This planet is faced with disaster ! It has been observed in all parts of the empire—as you all know well—that water levels are rising, despite the summer’s drought. This is caused by the melting of the ice caps at our poles, which, in its turn, is caused by the present proximity of our suns. Peric touched a button—and a large model was unveiled. This, as you will recognise, is the plain of Vorg and the mountains that flank it on each side. At the far end of the plain, on the river Vorg, is Trigan City . . . He touched another button. Instantly, there was a rushing of waters . . . a devastating inundation ! Watch closely !— Trigan City is being carried away ! This, my friends, is what will happen in three lunar months’ time ! By that time, all the rest of the planet will be under water ! The destruction of Trigan City will spell the end of life on the planet Elekton !

This instalment was originally published in Look and Learn issue no. 635 on 16 March 1974.